Foods are essential in our everyday life. Eating healthy foods keeps us stay active and live long. Every people have different choices in choosing their food style. We know foods come in distinct flavors and varieties, but the nutrition factor contrasts in each case. To know about the nutritional factors involved in a healthy diet, we need to verify each food products individually. On that note, food Consulting Companies in Dubai is actively involved in testing the food and water resources to find the exact value.

Various Food Consulting Companies in Dubai aims at targeting the client, who are interested in delivering the healthy and tasty foods to their consumer, many organizations are consulting Food and Water Testing Laboratories in Dubai to make sure they are delivering the value-added food products to their consumers.

Why food and water testing is needed?

·         To know the toxic content in the food
·         To know the amount of nutritional factors available in the food
·         To know the purity of the drinking water
·         To know the oxygen content available in the water
·         To know the amount of allergic substances in food and much more
Why is water testing necessary?

The reputed Food and Water Testing Laboratories in Dubai evaluate completely with all available sources during experimentation. Various methods of water testing are:
Wastewater testing - Testing will be done before discharging into inland surface water and various other means.

Residential testing - Water quality will be tested in housing areas.

Commercial testing – The laboratories test the water used for the bakeries, hotels and industries.

Why is Nutrition tested for foods?

Nowadays people are very aware of their daily food intake and the amount of calories and nutrition's they are getting from it. So that Food testing labs in Dubai examines and validates the food resources for various restaurants and many more retailers worldwide.

Things to be noted during the testing:

·         Amount of cholesterol, fatty acids and free fatty acids will be identified.
·         Proteins like Amino acids and the energy-rich vitamins will be screened in the food content.
·         Total dietary fiber, Novel fibers, Starch content in the food will be evaluated.
·         All the minerals will be notified during the scrutinizing procedure.

Allergen risk testing:

Allergen risks are greatly increased over the years and causing the serious problem with the human life. Some of the high allergen foods are
·         Eggs
·         Milk products
·         Peanuts
·         Nuts etc.
Reason for the product recalls is mainly due to the presence of allergens in the food. Food testing Laboratories in Dubai provides qualitative as well as quantitative services for all the food samples and raw materials to test for the allergen content in it.

Quality check for food products:

The objective of every Food testing Laboratories in Dubai is the assurance of delivering quality products to the consumers. Commonly inquired products are

·         Quality of Milk and Cereal products will be tested.
·         Qualities of the Oils are tested.
·         Fruits and Vegetable Products
·         Sweet items and Snacks items
·         Fish and Meat products
·         Various kinds of spices will be tested for Quality.
·         Toxic and drugs in the food:
Why drugs and chemicals involved in the food tested?

In an ardor to deliver harmless food products Food testing Labs in Dubai determines the amount of drugs and toxic substances involved in the food, which is a big threat to everyone's life. With latest tools and methods, toxic and heavy substances in the food contents are easily identified.

Testing helps us to identify the

·         Mycotoxins, a chemical substance produced by fungus which can be seen in the nuts, spices, dried fruits and many food products; this will be distinguished during the testing which helps us to eradicate cancer growing hormones in the human being
·         Pesticides in the food and feed products can be identified with accurate results.

·         Toxic heavy metal substances in the food materials are diagnosed to avoid the adverse effect on human health.


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